Sega Genesis mini hack

Sega Genesis mini hack

The gaming industry is actively developing. As a result, new games and game consoles are emerging. In this article, we will consider Sega Genesis mini hack.

Sega Genesis mini – a good alternative for portable consoles

After the retro Nintendo Classic Mini console was shown in 2016, the whole world was literally flooded with a wave of nostalgia, because NES was a cult prefix in the 80s in the West and Japan, and in the 90s came to us as Dendy. A year later, Nintendo releases the SNES Mini, which at a reasonable price has become popular in itself, and “pirates” have learned to use it as multi-emulator retro consoles. The success of gaming nostalgia was somewhat slowed down by the failed Sony PlayStation Classic, over which the game industry did not joke only laziness. And in 2019 it was time to reboot for the mega-popular Sega Mega Drive. The announcement of the retro console is all the more interesting because, unlike Nintendo and Sony, Sega has not made a set-top box for almost 20 years.

Sega, unlike its rival Nintendo, did not easily develop a miniature console, it created an almost exact copy of the legendary Sega Genesis, repeating all the design elements, but in miniature. As a result, the device is 55% smaller than the original.

The Genesis Mini library includes 42 games, including the likes of Sonic and Sonic 2, but unfortunately Sonic 3 and Sonic & Knuckles are not in the catalog. But there are classics here, like Beyond Oasis and Phantasy Star IV. The variety of genres that the model offers will satisfy most requests, here you will find: role-playing games, action games, shooters, platformers, and many others.


  • lots of decent games without ads;
  • emulation of five types of consoles;
  • convenient form factor.

Key options

The software of the compact model pleased us with a large number of useful and necessary options, among which, for example, the ability to save several times, even in those names in which the function itself was not provided during their development. There are some of them:

  • The Genesis Mini supports games in both widescreen and standard mode. When playing in standard mode, you can choose a wallpaper option to fill the empty space on the sides of the display.
  • The updated Sega Genesis will also be able to connect to modern monitors, but not through the AV-out, but through USB or HDMI connectors (depending on the sales region).
  • The console has 256 MB of RAM and 512 MB of flash memory, thanks to which players will be able to save the game wherever they go – something that was not available on the original Sega Genesis.
  • The gameplay using the Sega Genesis Mini is a real treat. It will not give you the trouble of lagging sound from images or stuttering during games.
  • A peculiar feature of Genesis is the ability to save, which the old consoles did not have. In addition, this device allows you to emulate the work of some other consoles and, thus, run “non-native” games.
  • It will take you seconds to set up your Sega Genesis Mini. On the back of the case, there are only two connectors: one for connecting the power cord, the other for HDMI. After turning on the console, all you need to do to get the console ready for use is to select a language.